At Clarity Wealth Solutions, we specialize in risk minimization and wealth and estate planning for business owners, farms, professionals, and families. Our primary focus is providing solutions to enable our clients to manage risk, reduce tax, increase retirement income and maximize wealth transfer to charities and/or future generations.

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Here's who we work with:

Business Owners

We work with business owners to help them manage risk, minimize tax, and plan for retirement.  Shareholder’s Agreements (USA’s), Key Person insurance, income & sickness protection, tax efficient retirement plans, Individual Pension Plans (IPPs), and business succession are a few of the areas we can help with.


Are you looking to protect your number one asset (yourself), while planning for a tax efficient retirement?  We can help you protect your family and practice against changes to your health and unforeseen life events while also putting in place innovative strategies to plan for retirement and maximize your after-tax income.


When it comes to farming, financial planning goes above and beyond developing a financial and retirement plan. You need to have an understanding of taxation, concepts regarding the farm and succession planning.  Learning about each farms business is very important as every farm is unique. A farm may have been in the family for many generations with a strong desire to keep it in the family. The advisor must be prepared to ask many non-financial questions to determine the goals of the farming entrepreneurs.


Would you like to plan for your retirement, children’s education, inter-generational wealth transfer and minimize the taxes involved?  Are you interested in maximizing your contribution to charity?  We focus on strategies to provide comfort, security, flexibility, and tax efficiency in the estate planning process.

Trusted Advisors

Accountants, Lawyers, financial advisors – Do you want to provide a comprehensive solution for your clients?  We focus on collaborating with the trusted advisor to ensure that their clients receive a complete solution which considers the overall plan and goals for each client.  We bring extensive experience in the insurance and financial planning realms and have access to industry leading experts in our field.